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Jimmy’s Cousin is an Irish recording artist based here in Dublin. His debut album is just out and he has just completed an Irish tour with MCD and is heading for the UK and Germany in October as well as four more dates in Ireland.


The album is available on
Apple Music com/ie/album/waxwings/1444083395
Spotify spotify:artist:6kxG5JOSkrC5vz19nQDklw


You can see videos for his first two singles on YouTube
Astor & 8th
I Do



The Album was produced by Dave Keary, Music Director and guitarist with Van Morrison, Gregory Porter, Bobby Womack and many more. Musicians on the album include Irish stalwarts such as Paul Moore, James Delaney, Karl Geraghty, Michael Buckley etc.

His first two singles, ‘I Do’ and ‘Astor and 8th’ are on the RTE playlist and he has received a significant amount of airplay across the UK. He has been featured on BBC Radio in Ulster playing live on the John Toal Show and also on the Steve Yabsley Show on BBC Radio Bristol.  He has completed 13 regional radio interviews and sessions across the UK.

Here in Ireland he has been hugely supported by RTE, Marty Whelan has played the album extensively on his show on Lyric and was kind enough to bring him in for an in-depth interview recently. Cathal Murray has also featured him heavily on his show.

As you’ll hear from the music there is a strong Jazz influence to many of the songs and the recording process saw him work with members of the Halle Orchestra in the UK to record strings and brass on 6 of the songs.

The brass and string arrangements were written by two Irish musicians, Alan Keary, and Michael Buckley.


You can follow Jimmy’s Cousin on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.

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