Love is Only for the Fools

Taken from the footage of the Astor & 8th shoot, this is a song & video for my adopted home town of New York, a song about maintaining your hope and optimism in the face of adversity.

Live in Dublin

Recorded as part of the Live in Dublin CD and Concert Film, Blind was originally written as part of the Waxwings Album sessions and has found its home in the live set.

Astor & 8th

Filmed in my spiritual home :-) New York over two days with a skeleton crew and a lot of walking! Directed by Ray Doyle, its still my favourite video and has an accompanying behind the scenes video available here.

Astor & 8th
Behind the Scenes

Watch how director Ray Doyle drags us around New York for hours and hours getting more and more footage, the man is never happy! Oh and you also get to meet Jimmy!

I'll Never Love

Also recorded as part of the Live in Dublin Concert, this video is a taster of some of the fun we have with the songs live.